Top Medical PG Coaching Institute-DAMS

It feels good to be validated by third party surveys. Last 14 years we have been working in this business to create value based medical coaching for PG aspirants in India.  Our team at DAMS PvtLtd has been tirelessly working towards this and we have delivered results year after year.  We have delivered AIIMS topper for last 4 years now in continuity and 24/top 50 were DAMSONIANS last year.   Here are some excerpts from the survey with the weblinks. Prominent medblogger has recognised DAMS as the top most institute in this business through his survey with medical students. We thank all involved and promise to work harder in years to come.

AcrossPG Team has conducted the survey for selecting The Best Medical PG Coaching Institute in Dec ’12-Jan 2013 ( Top Medical PG Coaching Institute - Survey Results). 
Here are the highlights of the survey.
400 medicos participated in survey, from various medical colleges of all states, ranging from batches 2000 to 2006.
7 PG Coaching Institutes from across the country including Bhatia, DAMS, IAMS, Speed PG Institute, MIMS Calicut, MEDPGTHRISSUR and others.
Many students were in favour that rigorous self-study is important if NEET happens, and coaching is useful only with self-study.
How the result is calculated?
        We have calculated the results by counting votes from only unique IPs to remove bias from multiple votes casting.
      An effective score is calculated institute-wise from the total votes submitted. This is to remove any bias occurred due to difference in number of votes for each institute.
      The effective scores are then compared under 4 broad categories – Faculty, Study Material, Tests and Effectiveness for NEET PG.
Delhi Academy of Medical Sciences occupied the top position.

Some Comments by Participants:
    “DAMS Exclusive club is the Best thing happening in the market for PG preparation. Faculty is always there to solve our doubt. This gives damsonian an unparalleled edge over the other institutes. Very much impressed with DAMS Delhi.”
    “DAMS has good students support throughout the year. It was helpful in preparation. Though need to improve the quality of tests and explanations of questions. Although online NLTs are a good addition to the course, they helped a lot for practising for computer based NEET exam.”

Grey Matter-DAMS National Quiz

Grey Matter-DAMS National Quiz

After year long process of  preliminary college based and zonal rounds, finally time has come for the final round of DAMS 2012-13 grey matter quiz, which will be held in AIIMS on 5th Feb, the mecca of medical education in India and I ll be hosting this quiz. This quiz is part of our effort to spread and promote learning in medical students and working on our theme that learning can be fun.  All medicos are invited. Personally i believe quizzes are an integral way of promoting competitive learning among medical students.


Q-2  No change.
Q-156  Poor urine output during rehydration of hypernatremic dehydration      may be due to
  1. Acute tubular necrosis
  2. Persistent ADH secretion
  3. Both a and b
  4. None of the above
Ans-2: (c) Both a and b
Ref: Read the text below
Sol :

ERRATA Q-180  Succinylocholine is contraindicated in
  1. Hypokalemia
  2. Cerebral palsy
  3. Burn injury
  4. None.
Ans-180: (B) Burn injury
Ref: Read the text below.
Q-197   Juxtra-articular osteoporosis is a typical feature of haemophilic arthropathy
Ques is asking atypical