Review of OPHTHALMOLOGY 4th Edition , Dr Ruchi Rai

DNB Errata

DNB Paper -1
DNB Paper -1 Q-98 Healthy school environment constitutes all except: a. Per capita space in classroom should be 5 sq.ft. b. Minus desk be given c. One urinal for 60 students d. Window area should be 25% of floor space Ans-98 (a) Per capita space in classroom should be 5 sq.ft.,(b) Minus desk be given BONUS Q-107 “Import General Manifest” comes under? a. Custom’s act b. Railway act c. Transport act d. Merchant marine act DNB Paper-2 Q-61 Which of the following drug is contraindicated in hypertrophic cardiomyopathy : a. Digoxin b. Propranolol c. Verapamil d. Phenylephrine Ans61: (a) Digoxin Bonus Q-102 Life cycle inventory analysis based on? a. Criticality b. Low availability c. Consumption d. Emission into atmosphere Bonus Q-108“Import General Manifest” comes under? a. Custom’s act b. Railway act c. Transport act d. Merchant marine act


DAMS announces for the first time in India, Drill COMPUTER BASED TEST CALLED AS DAMS-CBT. The ultimate MOCK test will be on our designated centres on our patented exam software. Dams CBT is Based on the guidelines provided by NBE and other PG medical Entrance Exam. Test will be in 2 time slots with different sets in different time slots & result will be analysed with equating and scaling.

 Discounted cost for DAMSONIANS. 

Last Date of Registration :10 sep, 2013
Issuing of Admit Card :15 sep, 2013
Dams-CBT Test :29 sep, 2013

Android App for Medical Education-DAMS

Continuing with the series of innovations and thought leadership, now we have launched DAMS android app which enable you to use our test series on your mobile phones.

Medical Tele-education for PGME-First in India

DAMS has now developed its own teleeductation platform, called as DAMS SKY, with High Definition Delivery Mechanism which includes advanced interactive tele-education technology to bring to you class room teaching of renowned faculty, even though they may be hundreds of miles away. Our two way video, audio and data interactivity enables the student to have highly interactive session with faculty and other students across the country. Hi-Quality audio-video sessions, with High Definition clarity provide easier understanding and comprehension of the subjects.Faculty can use several tools like presentations, videos, audio and white board to effectively communicate ideas and interact with students.  A series of tests will be scheduled for the students which will enable both the students as well as the faculty to assess the degree and extent of comprehension of the subject by the students.

India's First Satellite Based PG Medical Classes-DAMS SKY

Paradigm shift in PG medical education by DAMS. Pioneers in the PG Medical Classes become the first to launch Satellite based Classes across the country. Classes already started. Wait for announcement in your city.  Many more in Pipeline.

Finally after being the true innovators and having started many innovations in medical education and teleradiology,  including web based classes, use of social media (facebook, twitter in medical education), tablet based courses (iDAMS) now we have launched satellite based classes across the country to make sure that we reach till the farthest corner of country. Called DAMS SKY