BONUS Q-32 All of the following statement regarding interactions of ciprofloxacin are correct except.

  1. Toxicity of warfarin occurs
  2. NSAIDs enhance CNS toxicity of ciprofloxacin
  3. Iron salts reduce absorption of cipro-floxacin
  4. Dose of theophylline should be reduced.

Ans 32: (d)Dose of theophylline should be reduced

Q-40 A 70-year-old man has type 2 diabetes that is normally well controlled on an oral sulphonylurea. He presents with an episode of hypoglycaemia. On history he tells that his general practitioner recently started him on a new tablet. Which one of the following drugs would account for his symptoms?

  1. Lithium
  2. Co-trimoxazole
  3. Rifampicin
  4. Bendroflumethiazide

Ans 40: (b) Co-trimoxazole.

Q-67 An 8 year-old girl was found to have the nephrotic syndrome. The commonest cause of this disorder in children is

  1. Acute proliferative glomerulonephritis
  2. Membranous glomerulonephropathy
  3. Minimal change glomerulonephropathy
  4. Nephroblastoma (Wilms’ tumor)

Ans-67: (c) Minimal change glomerulonephropathy

Q-74 Level of prevention that includes specific protection:

a. Primordial

b. Primary

c. Secondary

d. Tertiary

Ans 74:(b) Primary

BONUS Q-82 Incorrect statement regarding polio vaccines is

a. Inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) is given by subcutaneous injection.

b. Remote risk of vaccine-associated paralytic disease is associated with sabin vaccine.

c. Sabin vaccine is given orally (OPV).

d. Sabin vaccine replicate in the oropharynx and intestinal tract and can be spread to other persons.

Ans 82: (b) Remote risk of vaccine-associated paralytic disease is associated with sabin

BONUS Q-97 A 12-yr-old girl receives cranial, neck, and spinal irradiation for cancer.All of the following are likely long-term sequelae of the radiotherapy except:

a. Interstitial fibrosis

b. Scoliosis

c. Impaired cognition and intelligence

d. Pituitary dysfunction

Ans 97:(d) Pituitary dysfunction

Q-166 Orchiopexy for undescended testes is done ideally at what age?

a. Neonate

b. 1-2 yrs

c. 5 yrs

d. Puberty

Ans-166: (b) 1-2 yrs



Q-17 Which of the following stage of beast Ca corresponds with following feature. Breast mass of 6 × 3 cm size with hard mobile ipsilateral axillary lymph node and ipsilateral supraclavi-cular lymph node :

  1. T4 N2 M0
  2. T3 N1 M1
  3. T4 N1 M1
  4. T3 N2 M0

Ans-17: (d) None (T3 N2 M1)

Q-50 A man with blunt injury abdomen after road side accident has BP of 100/80 mm Hg, pulse 120 bpm. Respiration stabilized through airway. Next best step is :

  1. Immediate blood transfusion
  2. Blood for cross matching + IV fluids
  3. Ventilate the patient
  4. Rush to the OT.

Ans-50: (b) Blood for cross matching + IV fluids

Q-79 A 45-year-old man skidded from the road at high speed and hit a tree. Examples of deceleration injuries in this patient include:

a. Aortic valve rupture

b. Posterior dislocation of shoulder

c. Mesenteric avulsion

d. Stomach rupture

Ans-79: (c) Mesenteric avulsion

Q-117 Drug used for sclerotherapy of varicose veins are all of the following except :

  1. Ethanolamine Oleate
  2. Polidocanol
  3. Ethanol
  4. Sodium tetradecyl sulfate

Ans-117: (c) Ethanol

Q-137 Four days after undergoing hysterectomy, a 30- year-old woman develops phlegmasia cerulean dolens over the right lower extremity. What is the most appropriate treatment?

a. Bed rest and elevation

b. Systemic heparinization

c. Venous thrombectomy

d. Prophylactic vena caval filter

Ans-137: (a) Bed rest and elevation

Q-182 A patient is involved in a high-speed motor vehicle collision. The patient has a GCS score of 7 on arrival. Which of the following is not indicated?

a. Emergent intubation

b. Spinal cord immobilization

c. Placement of an intraventricular catheter

d. Nasogastric tube to prevent aspiration

Ans 182: (d) Nasogastric tube to prevent aspiration