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Hi ,
I wuld like to emphasise on a few points which i learnt from my experience of prepairing for the enterance exams myself and now teaching for the same

- the first and most imp thing to do is to manage your time judiciously ,it is seen that the correct formula for success in pg entrance exam is not how much time n effort you have put into your prep. but where you have decided to concentrate your time n effort

- to optimize the utilisation of your time try to identify high output facts ,tables and diagrams and preferably compile them in the form of notes for quick review n reff.

- allowt specific time to various subjects based on the no. of ques. being asked from that subject eg for ortho one week should be the ideal time to finish the course in the first go, and try to strictly restrict yourself to the time table

-dont waste endless hours searching n discussing about some contradictory or dubious questions more often than not they would not reappear in the next exam n u will save alot of time n effort which you can use more profitably

-restrict yourself to reading only standard text eg in ortho most of the problems can be solved by looking them up in maheshwari n appleys ,no need to refer to higher text which if not read in entirety can be misleading n difficult to decipher

dont blindly follow the guides apply your own mind n believe in yourself n your knwledge many times the author misinterprets what the examiner wants to ask or what the refferal book is trying to say

-and in the end i would like to tell you guys to be positive n confident and be sure of what you want becouse you just might get it !!!!! BEST OF LUCK

Dr Deep Sharma


megha1488 said...

which book s d best 4 ortho 4 mcq's????

james said...

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