Errata Grand Test 93

ERRATAQ-100 ANCA is associated with all of the following except:
a. Good pasteur syndrome
b. Sjogren syndrome
c. RA
d. Wegners granulomatosis
Ans 100: (c) RA

ERRATAQ-1 Appetite is stimulated by all of the following except:
a. Agouti related peptide
b. Melanocyte concentrating hormone
c. Melanocyte stimulating hormone
d. Neuropeptide Y
Ans-1: (b) None BONUS

ERRATAQ-1 All are External laryngeal membrane except
a. Cricothyroid
b. Thyrohyoid
c. Cricotracheal
d. Hyoepiglotic
Ans-1: (a) Cricothyroid
ERRATAQ-184 Herpes simplex is:
a. Single stranded DNA
b. Double stranded DNA
c. Single stranded RNA
d. Double stranded RNA
Ans-184: (b) Double stranded DNA
Ref: Harrison 17th -1095

ERRATAQ-198 Senescent RBC’s are mainly attacked in:
a. Vivax malaria
b. Ovale malaria
c. Falciparum malaria
d. Quartan malaria
Ans-198: (d) Quartan malaria
Ref: Harrison 17th--1280

ERRATAQ-226 In which of the following cases is succinylcholine contraindicated?
a. Extensive (90% BSA) burns 2 hours ago.
b. Severe closed head injury.
c. Family history of malignant hyperthermia.
d. Family history of malignant hyperthermia.
Ans 226: (c) All
References: Read the text below.

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