AIIMS Mock Errata

Q-17 Which is true about histone acetylation

a. Increased euchromatin formation

b. Increased heterochromatin formation

c. Methylation of DNA

d. DNA replication

Ans 17: (a) Increased heterochromatin formation

Ref– Harper's biochem.28th edition, page315


Q-96 A teacher slapped a girl student; she suffered from 25% hearing loss which resolved on surgery what kind of injury this is

a. Simple

b. Grievous

c. Dangerous

d. Serious

Ans 96: (b) Grievous

Ref– Read the text below


Q-123 A lady G2P1 with 10 wks pregnancy with one live child has ocular toxoplasmosis. The risk of present baby to get infected is:

a. 50%

b. 25%

c. 100%

d. Nil.

Ans-123: BONUS

Ref:Read the text below


Q-138 Prognosis of congenital diaphragmatic hernia depends on

a. Size of hiatus

b. Pulmonary hypertension

c. Age

d. Time of surgery

Ans 138: b,c

Ref– Read the text below


Q-140 Which of the following best describes the correct sequence for eruption of permanent teeth?

a. Central incisors, first premolars, canines, second molars

b. First molars, central incisors, canines, first premolars

c. Central incisors, lateral incisors, canines, first molars

d. First molars, lateral incisors, canines, first premolars

Ans 140: (a) Central incisors, first premolars, canines, second molars

Ref– Read the text below


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