Q-19 Denonvillier’s fascia separates
a. Vagina from rectum
b. Descending colon from the ureters
c. Prostate from the rectum
d. Rectum from the sacrum
Ans-19: (a,c)

Q-50 In a human genome project, scientist notices that one strand of the DNA molecule contains 20 thymine (T), 25 cytosine (C), 30 guanine (G) and 22 adenine (A) residues. How many of each of the bases are found in the complete double-stranded molecule ?
a. T=44, C=60, G = 50, A = 40
b. T = 22, C = 30, G = 25, A = 20
c. T = 40, C = 50, G = 60, A = 44
d. T = 42, C = 55, G = 55, A = 42
Ans-50: (d) T = 42, C = 55, G = 55, A = 42

Q-93 Plummer-Vinson syndrome is an
a. Iron-deficiency anemia
b. Anaplastic anemia
c. Vitamin deficiency
d. Increased hemoglobulin
Ans-93: (a) Iron-deficiency anemia

Q-127 Ring scotoma is seen in :
a. Glaucoma
b. Retinitis pigmentosa
c. Sympathetic opthalmia
d. Vitreous hemorrhage
Ans:127: (a,b)

Q-150 The limiting aminoacid in soyabean is :
a. Methinonine
b. Lysine.
c. Glutamine.
d. Leucine
Ans 150: (a) Methinonine

Q-182 Micro albuminuria is defined as
a. 0.3–0.5 mg of 24 hrs urine protein
b. < 0.03 mg of 24 hrs protein
c. 0.03–0.3 mg of 24 hrs urine protein
d. > 2.5 mg 24 hrs urine protein
Ans-182: Bonus

Q-199 The operation where in the stump of the stomach is directly anastomosed to the stump of the duodenum is called –
a. Polya’s gastrectomy
b. Hoffrneister gastrectomy
c. Billroth I gastrectomy
d. Billroth II gastrectomy
Ans-199: (c) Billroth I gastrectomy


rehan said...

Question 102 . COMMON cause of chronic renal failure :- HTN ???

IN explantaion the answer is DM !!

rehan said...

question 22. Which of the following has the highest pH---> saliva or pancreatic juice ??

rehan said...

Q. 25 . Normal AV delay is 0.13 or 0.10 ??

rehan said...

In Q.156 the option C is missing !!!

Unknown said...

@Rehan : option says DI not DM... Good question.. :P:P

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