1. Thickness of matrix band is
  a. 0.001 inch                     b.0 .002 inch                       c. 0.004 inch             d. 0.005 inch
answer  is 0.002 inch
and explanation
Matrix band is available in two thicknesses .0015 and .002 inch. So B is the correct ans

2. classification of caries  according to site and size was given by
 a. G V Black
b. Graham and Mount
c. Louis Regnart
d. Youdelis
Ans is b
grahm and mount,1997 gv classification of caries according to site and size

3. Not found commonly in a periapical lesion
a.       Pseudomonas
b.       Streptococcus
c.       Porphyromonas
d.       all of the above

Ans is a Pseudomonas in not commonly found in periapical region

4. Ellis class VI fracture is
 a. fracture involving pulp
b. root fracture
c. nonvital tooth
 d. tooth displacement
ans is b . Root fracture

 5. Ideal Electrode position for Electric Pulp Testing on 1st molar is done on which side
a. Mesio buccal cusp tip
b. Mesio buccal surface
c. Disto buccal cusp tip
d. Disto buccal surface
ans is a. Mesio buccal cusp tip


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