Interview with our topper Dr Nikhil nair

Dr Nikhil Nair did his MBBS from MAMC Delhi and joined DAMS TEST SERIES

He secured Rank 22 in PGI -2010

DAMS: Congratulations on securing rank -22 in PGI-2010 What is the secret of your success in this exam?

Dr Nikhil Nair : Consistent hard work, preservation, and an unwavering, focused mind.

DAMS: How did your parents, family and friends contribute to your success?

Dr Nikhil Nair: Family &friends provided me with a comfort zone & shielded me from many extrinsic distractions.

DAMS: Who influenced you to take up Medicine?

Dr Nikhil Nair: My father, Late Mr. A.K Nair

DAMS: We appreciate the fact that preparing for an extremely competitive exam must be really challenging. During your preparation, did you ever doubt your ability to succeed in it?

Dr Nikhil Nair: Everyday !!! I have had nightmares about not being selected in any exam.

DAMS: Which books did you read for the theory part?

Dr Nikhil Nair: For Surgery –Schwartz Surgery, , ENT – Dr. Dhingra ENT, Micro – DR.C.P. Bawega’s Microbiology, Pharma – K.D.T

DAMS: Which books did you read for MCQ revision? Which revision books were the most productive and which were least”

DR Nikhil Nair: I read AA for Medicine& Surgery, Rachna Chaurasia for Micro, Gobind Garg for Pharma, Sakshi Arora for OBG& ENT ACROSS for short subjects.
Most productive- AA, Gobind Garg
Least productive- Across ( as quite a lot of answers were giver wrongly)

DAMS: How important you think was DAMS in your preparation?

DR Nikhil Nair: Grand tests organized by DAMS are undoubtedly the toughest in the business and prepared me for tough, challenging exam:

DAMS : What do you think is the better way of preparation between selective, intensive study and wide, extensive study? What did you choose as your style of studding?
Dr Nikil Nair: I Personally favor wide, extensive study, however selective, intensive study of some topics is necessary for success in PGI

DAMS: Indian PG entrances are highly competitive so to compete them students end up in appearing in multiple PG exams , kindly extend your views on this and also their pros and cons of appearing in multiple PG entrances .

Dr Nikhil Nair: Multiple PG exams give one a Multiple of options to fall back upon& choose from in case one of your exam goes badly. I am all for it!

DAMS: Which subjects did you focus on?

Dr Nikhil Nair: I gave special emphasis to Pharma, Micro , Surgery & most of the short subjects.

DAMS: What was your strategy for the exam day? How many questions did you attempt and why?

DR Nikhil Nair: My strategy in PGI exam was to analyze each option carefully before marking but once I had decided on one, I didn’t hesitate before marking it. I attempted 248/250 as I had decided to give it my best shot.

DAMS: What do you want to specialize in, why and where?

Dr Nikhil Nair: orthopedics/ ophthalmology from PGI as I have always liked these 2 streams from my MBBS days . PGI is undoubtedly one of the most reputed institutions in India for both theses branches

DAMS: Which teacher in DAMS influenced you most and what do you like about DAMS and would recommend to your juniors ?

DR Nikhil Nair: I was highly influenced by Dr Sumer Sethi and I would strongly recommended My juniors to join DAMS.

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