Interview with our topper Dr Zohra Ahmed DAMS Student For 2 Years

Dr Zohra Ahmed did her MBBS from Lady Hardinge medical college and joined DAMS in her 6th semester in foundation and followed it up with test and discussion course in internship with DAMS Delhi, enrolment number- F-1593/2008 & T-0698/2010

She secured Rank 1 in AIIMS NOVEMBER 2010.

DAMS: Congratulations on securing a Rank 1 in AIIMS Nov 2010. What is the secret of your success in this exam?

Dr Zohra Ahmed: Starting early (3rd year), focussing on ten years, completion by studying class notes of DAMS

DAMS: How did your parents, family and friends contribute to your success?

Dr Zohra Ahmed: My parents and family have been a pillar of strength throughout understanding the sacrifices I had to make during the preparation period (i.e. not able to give them time etc.) My friends have always encouraged me to excel and nothing would be possible without them

DAMS: Who influenced you to take up Medicine?

Dr Zohra Ahmed: The book “Doctors” by Eric Sehgal

DAMS: We appreciate the fact that preparing for an extremely competitive exam must be really challenging. During your preparation, did you ever doubt your ability to succeed in it?

Dr Zohra Ahmed: The doubt crept creeping in everyday now & then and it was the ranks in DAMS grand tests that keeps up ur morale and tells you where you really stand

DAMS: Which books did you read for the MCQ Revision & theory part ?

Dr Zohra Ahmed: MK/AA( 10 yrs) , Across, Review of Radiology by Dr Sumer Kr Sethi , Gobind Garg(Pharama) Rachna Chaurasia.(micro), review of forensic Sumit Seth ,AA( medicine , surgery)theory part

DAMS : Which books did you read for MCQ revision? Which revision books were the most productive and which were least?

Dr Zohra Ahmed: Most productive 10 yrs MK&AA, Sakshi Arora (Gynaecology), Harrison’s medicine , other regular theory books used in our colleges

DAMS : How important you think was DAMS in your preparation ?

Dr Zohra Ahmed: Couldn’t have done without the classes in 3rd yr in DAMS. They were I think a keystone in my preparation . I covered a good chunk of my course in 3rd yr itself. DAMS foundation course is well planned and covers a whole syllabus well on time.

DAMS: What do you think is the better way of preparation between selective, intensive study and wide, extensive study? What did you choose as your style of studying?

Dr Zohra Ahmed: Selective Intensive Study

DAMS: Indian PG entrances are highly competitive so to compete them students end up in appearing in multiple PG exams , kindly extend your views on this and also their pros and cons of appearing in multiple PG entrances .

Dr Zohra Ahmed: well appearing in different exams gives us a chance of succeeding in our exam if not another. Papers are different from exam to exam and your performance varies too

DAMS: Which subjects did you focus on?

Dr Zohra Ahmed : All subjects are equally important , Short subjects –SARP , Anatomy Medicine .Surgery

DAMS: What was your strategy for the exam day? How many questions did you attempt and why?

Dr Zohra Ahmed: I just thought to myself “m going to attack each and every question “ I attempted 199 questions as I attempt a question I can rule out 1 option

DAMS: What do you want to specialize in, why and where?

Dr Zohra Ahmed : Radio diagnosis AIIMS , most advanced department of RD in India

DAMS: Which teachers in DAMS influenced you most and what do you like about DAMS and would recommend to your juniors?

Dr Zohra Ahmed : 1. Dr Sumer k. Sethi 2. Dr Ruchi Rai 3. Dr Rajiv ( ENT) Dr Rajeev Tewari
DAMS has a pretty intensive programme of study in 3rd year covering a good part of the course of final yr & 3rd year subjects , Their notes are good to revise before PG- entrance exams-concise and high yielding.