Interview with our topper Dr Rainy Aggarwal

Dr Rainy Aggarwal Rainy Aggarwal did her MBBS from LHMCMedical College and joined DAMS Delhi.

She secured Rank 6 in DPG Exam 2011.

DAMS: Congratulations on securing rank 6 in Exam. What is the secret of your success in this exam?
Dr Rainy Aggarwal :
Hard work, & determination & DAMS helped Me

DAMS: How did your parents, family and friends contribute to your success?
Dr Rainy Aggarwal :
My Parents always supported Me.& without their help it would never hard been possible

DAMS: We appreciate the fact that preparing for an extremely competitive exam must be really challenging. During your preparation, did you ever doubt your ability to succeed in it?
Dr Rainy Aggarwal :-
Each & Every day

DAMS: Which books did you read for the theory part?
Dr Rainy Aggarwal :
AA, MK-S volumes. Also DAMS coaching material. Med-AA, Surg, AA, Pharma- Gobind Rai, Path- Robbins (General), Micro- Rachna chaurasaia , O/G- Sakshi arora, Peads- O’P Ghai- Neonatology BAPF- Across, short subjects- Across.

DAMS : Which books did you read for MCQ revision? Which revision books were the most productive and which were least?
Dr Rainy Aggarwal :-
Most productive- AA, MK 5 volumes. Least productive- ACROSS (lots of mistakes)

DAMS : How important you think was DAMS in your preparation ?
Dr Rainy Aggarwal :-
Very important- class Notes, Recent updates were. Very helpful- It Also helpful. It also helped in sawing all queries Grand Tests& Subject wise Tests were also amazing.

DAMS: What do you think is the better way of preparation between selective, intensive study and wide, extensive study? What did you choose as your style of studying?
Dr Rainy Aggarwal :-
Retro study selective intensive study

DAMS: Which subjects did you focus on?
Dr Rainy Aggarwal :
2nd yrs- Micro, Pharma, Path & short subjects.

DAMS: What was your strategy for the exam day? How many questions did you attempt and why?
Dr Rainy Aggarwal:
: I attempted AI= 290/300, DPG- 300/300

DAMS: What do you want to specialize in, why and where?
Dr Rainy Aggarwal :

DAMS: Which teachers in DAMS influenced you most and what do you like about DAMS and would recommend to your juniors?
Dr Rainy Aggarwal :
Sumer Sethi- Radio, DR, Siddharth –Paeds. Dr.Rajiv-Ent. Dr varun- gupta pharma DAMS is a very good institute and I recommend it to all !!! Best of luck !!!


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