GT Errata 112

Q-37 Barrett’s esophagus shoes
  1. Intestinal dysplasia
  2. Intestinal metaplasia
  3. Squamous cell metaplasia
  4. Columnar cell metaplasia
Ans-37: (b) Intestinal metaplasia
Q-41 Which of the following is true regarding metformin?
a. It is associated with hypoglycaemia at normal doses
b. It is safe in patients with renal impairment
c. It may cause metabolic alkalosis
d. It is contra-indicated in patients suffering a myocardial infarction
Ans 41: (d) It is contra-indicated in patients suffering a myocardial infarction
Q-68 A patient has been allegedly bitten by cobra snake. The venom in such a bite would be:
  1. Musculotoxic
  2. Vasculotoxic
  3. Cardiotoxic
  4. Neurotoxic
Ans 68: (d) Neurotoxic
Q-84 Case fatality rate is used to know :
  1. Prevalence of the disease.
  2. Incidence of the disease.
  3. Severity of the disease.
  4. Control of disease.
Ans-84: (c) Severity of the disease.
Q-167 At what level of hCG will essentially all intrauterine pregnancies be identificable by transvaginal ultrasonography ?
  1. 2500 mIU/ml
  2. 4500 mIU/ml
  3. 6500 mIU/ml
  4. 8500 mIU/ml
Ans-167: (c) Bonus
Q-153 Which of the following laboratory tests would be most important to perform to rule out PCOS ?
a. 2-hour oral glucose tolerance test
b. Testosterone
c. Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS)
d. LH and FSH
Ans 153: (c)Dehydroepiandrosterone sulfate (DHEAS)

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