Errata GT-113

Q-9  The vein which gets dialated in obstruction to the Superior vena cava above the opening of azygous vein is:

a.       Lateral thoracic                                              

b.      Superior epigastric

c.       Superficial epigastric                                      

d.      Thoracoepigastric


Q-16  An increased preload would most likely be caused by which of the following?

a.       An increase in TPR                                        

b.      An increase in blood volume

c.       An increase in myocardial contractility                     

d.      A decrease in heart rate

Ans 16: (b) An increase in blood volume


Q-17  Stroke volume is increased by which of the following?

a.       A decrease in venous compliance                              

b.      An increase in afterload

c.       A decrease in contractility                             

d.      An increase in heart rate

Ans 17: (a) decrease in venous compliance                        


Bonus Q-33    Which one of the following descriptions is typically associated with a nephrotic syndrome?

a.       Red blood cell casts, a low level of proteinuria, and granular casts

b.      Heavy proteinuria, oval fat bodies, and fatty casts

c.       Hematuria, granular casts, and borad waxy casts

d.      A proliferative glomerulonephritis on renal biopsy


Q-58    Cell-fraction derived vaccine is:

a.       Hepatitis B

b.      Measles

c.       Mumps

d.      Rubella

Ans-58: (a) Hepatitis B


Q-84    One of the following influenced by motivation & associated with emotional valence

a.       Attitude

b.      Belief

c.       Knowledge

d.      Practice

Ans-84: (a) Attitude


Q-127  A 56-year-old alcoholic male was diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. The patient has lost a considerable amount of weight as a result of steatorrhea. Examination of the abdomen reveals no masses, but some epigastric distress is noted on palpation. X-ray of the abdomen reveals calcification of the pancreas. Laboratory studies rule out the presence of diabetes mellitus. Which of the following would be the most appropriate treatment?

a.       Total pancreatectomy

b.      Broad-spectrum antibiotic therapy

c.       A gluten-free diet

d.      Administration of lactulose.

Ans:127: (c)  A gluten-free diet


Q-133  26 year old male has acute left loin pain radiating to the left groin. Urinalysis reveals puria. He undergoes an intravenous urogram which reveals collections of contrast medium in dilated papillary collecting ducts of both the right and left kidneys. Both kidneys are enlarged. The most likely diagnosis is

a.       Dilatation of the ureter 

b.      Horse-shoe kidney

c.       Medullary sponge kidney 

d.      Renal tuberculosis

Ans-133: (c) Medullary sponge kidney 


Q-144  A primipara with a cardiac lesion (MI) has come on the 40th day of delivery asking of for contraception. The contraceptive choice is :

  1. Condom with spermicidal jelly
  2. Oral contraceptive pill
  3. Intrauterine contraceptive device
  4. Laparoscopic sterilization

Ans-144: (c) Intrauterine contraceptive device


Q-171  Which of the following statements about carbohydrate digestion are true?

a.       Amylopectin has 1-6 straight chains and 1-4 side chains.

b.      Amylase has 1-4 straight chains and 1-6 side chains.

c.       Amylase breaks 1-4 glucose linkages.

d.      Amylase breaks 1-6 side chains.

Ans-171: (a) Amylopectin has 1-6 straight chains and 1-4 side chains.          



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