Interview with our topper Dr. Ayan Sarkar

Interview with our topper Dr. Ayan Sarkar
Dr. Ayan Sarkar did his MBBS from Ukraine and joined DAMS
He passed MCI Screening Examination Sept. 2013

DAMS: Congratulation on securing a top rank in MCI Screening. What is the secret of your success in this exam?
Dr. Ayan Sarkar: Parents blessing and good guidance from DAMS teacher and of course hard work.

DAMS: How did your parents, family and friends contribute to your success?
Dr. Ayan Sarkar: My parents were so glad, they told me they are proud of me. Friends are also so happy.

DAMS: Who influenced you?
Dr. Ayan Sarkar: My father.

DAMS: We appreciate the fact that preparing for an extremely competitive exam must be really challenging. During your preparation, did you ever doubt your ability to succeed in it?
Dr. Ayan sarkar: No .I always knew that I can do.

DAMS: Which notes did you read for the theory part?
Dr. Ayan Sarkar: All notes given by DAMS teacher.

DAMS: Which books did you read for MCQ revision? Which revision books were the most productive and which were least?
Dr. Ayan Sarkar: PG plus I have read only on MCQ book.

DAMS: How important you think was DAMS in your preparation?
Dr. Ayan Sarkar: After my parents blessing and god blessing, DAMS showed and guided me how to go through in the path of success.

DAMS: What do you think is the batter way of preparation between selective, intensive and wide, extensive study? What did you choose as your style of studying?
Dr. Ayan Sarkar: Wide because now no revised questions come to exam.

DAMS: Which subjects did you focus on?
Dr. Ayan Sarkar:  Pathology, Physiology, Surgery, Medicine, PSM, Gynae & OBS etc.

DAMS: What was your strategy for the exam day? How many questions did you attempt and why?
Dr. Ayan sarkar: Strategy was my belief, faith. I was sure that I works hard and result should be positive. All questions are attempted because there was no negative mark   .

DAMS: What do you want to specialize in, why and where?
Dr. Ayan Sarkar : Radiology Dr Sumer Sethi and Dr. Nitin sir inspired me and I really respect these two sirs and their personality  .

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