Q-2 All are sphincters of lower genital tract of female except
a. Pubovaginalis
b. Internal urethral sphincter
c. External urethral sphincter
d. Bulbospongiosus
Ans-2: (b) Internal urethral sphincter
Q-4 Sternocleidomastoid is supplied by all of the following arteries except
a. Occipital
b. Posterior auricular
c. Thyrocervical trunk
d. Superior thyroid
Ans-4: (b) Posterior auricular
Q-102 21yr patient with Ewing sarcoma having radiotherapy. & chemotherapy which of the following indicates poor prognosis
a. β2 microglobulin
b. Fever
c. Thrombocytosis
d. Young age
Ans-102: (b) Fever
Q-103 A patient undergone surgery 1 month back, presented with complaints of altered sensorium, difficulty in urination, serum.Na 140 , K - 4.5 , urea 60 , Creatinine 1.3 , Ca 15.5 what should not be done
a. Intravenous fluid
b. Furosemide
c. Hemodialysis
d. Bisphosphanate
Ans-103: (d) Bisphosphanate
Q-133 Commonest site of soft tissue sarcoma :
a. Retroperitoneum
b. Lower extremity
c. Head
d. Upper extremity
Ans-133: (a) Retroperitoneum
Q-174 Farmer with single warty indurated lesion on dorsum of foot. Which of the following could be the lesion?
a. Verruca vulgaris
b. Tuberculosis verrucosa cutis
c. Mycetoma
d. Lichen planus hypertrophicus
Ans-174: (b) Tuberculosis verrucosa cutis
Q-183 Four vessel carotid angiography is done by injecting dye into?
a. 2 external carotids+2 vertebral
b. 2 internal carotids + 2 vertebral
c. 2 internal carotids + 1 vertebral
d. 2 external carotids + 1 vertebral
Ans-183: (c) 2 internal carotids + 1 vertebral

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