Errata All India Mock 2010

Q-13 An alert 6 month old child is brought with vomiting & diarrhea. RR-45/min,HR-180/min, SBP-85 mm of Hg. Extremities are cold & mottled. Capillary refilling time is 4 secs. Diagnosis is

    1. Early compensated hypovolemic shock
    2. Early decompensated hypovolemic shock
    3. Late compensated hypovolemic shock
    4. Late decompensated shock due to SVT

Ans-13: (c) Late compensated hypovolemic shock

· In this patient having SBP=85 which is in the normal range

· Heart rate is 180 so not tachycardic so its late compensated hypovolemic shock

Q-22 The most frequent type of primary brain tumor is

a. Meningioma

b. Glioma

c. Neural sheath tumor

d. Squamous cell carcinoma

Ans-22: (b) Glioma

Ref:Read the text below


§ Gliomas are the most frequent type of primary brain tumor and include astrocytomas, ependymomas, oligodendrogliomas, and medulloblastomas.

§ Meningiomas are the next most common type of primary brain tumor. Neural sheath tumors are less common.

Q-32 65 yrs old man with history of back pain since 3 months. ESR is raised. Marked stiffness on examination. Mild restriction of chest movements. On X- ray,syndesmophytes are present. Diagnosis is

a. Ankylosing spondylitis

b. Degenerative osteoarthritis of spine

c. Ankylosing hyperosteosis

d. Lumbar canal stenosis

Ans-32: (c) Ankylosing hyperosteosis

Ref:Read the text below


Answer is option (c) Ankylosing hyperosteosis

ERRATA Q-35 Which of the following is a pulsatile tumor?

a. Chondrosarcoma

b. Osteoclastoma

c. Osteosarcoma

d. Ewing’s sarcoma

Ans-35: (B) Osteoclastoma

Q-101 IMNCI defers from IMCI by all except

a. Malaria & anemia are included

b. 0-7 days neonates are included

c. Sick neonates are preferred over sick older child

d. Treatment is aimed at more than 1 disease at a time

Ans-101: (c) Sick neonates are preferred over sick older child

Ref: Park 20e/387


· Proportion of training time devoted to sick young infant and sick child is almost equal

Q-133 A 6-year-old boy who received Bactrim for otitis media presents with high fever; target lesions on the palms and soles, trunk, and the extensor surfaces of the extremities; and inflammatory bullae on his mucous membranes. What type of hypersensitivity rash does this child have?

a. Eczema

b. Urticaria

c. Erythema multiforme

d. Stevens-Johnson syndrome

Ans 133: (d) Stevens-Johnson syndrome

Ref– Read the text below


· Stevens-Johnson syndrome is the most severe form of erythema mul-tiforme. Stevens- Johnson syndrome is characterized by fever,erythema multiforme rash, and inflammatory bullae of two or more mucous membranes (oral mucosa, lips, bulbar conjunc-tiva, anogenital area).

ERRATA Q-243 A patient brought in unconscious state with external injuries. CT is normal with no midline shift and ventricles are normal. Multiple small hemorhages are seen at the base of the brain. Diagnosis is

a. Subarachnoid hemorrhage

b. Diffuse axonal injuries

c. Concussion

d. Contusion

Ans-243: (b) Diffuse axonal injuries

Ref: Grainger & Allison's Diagnostic Radiology, 5th ed.


Q-259 Barrett’s esophagus shoes

  1. Intestinal dysplasia
  2. Intestinal metaplasia
  3. Squamous cell metaplasia
  4. Columnar cell metaplasia

Ans-259: (d) Columnar cell metaplasia

Ref:Read the text below


Q-263 CD marker specific for myeloid series

    1. CD34
    2. CD45
    3. CD99
    4. CD117

Ans-263: (d) CD117

Ref:Read the text below


ERRATA Q-290 25 yr old male having fever & malaise since 2 weeks, arthritis of ankle joint and erythematous nodules over the shin. Diagnosis is

a. Erythema nodosum

b. Hensen’s disease

c. Weber-Christian disease

d. Urticarial vasculitis

Ans-290: (a) Erythema nodosum

Ref: Fitzpatrick Dermatology Atlas 5th ed



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