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As the preliminary reports of Cencus is not yet out, I suggest to use the following data which is the recent most data available in Govt records so far….

Though the data is published in Oct 2009 report.

CBR 22.8

CDR 7.4

Natural Increase ( CBR-CDR)=15.4

AGR 1.93

IMR 53

TFR 2.6

TMFR 4.3

MMR 254 ( last updated 2006 )

Literacy rate 54.28

Sex Ratio 933 (Source : Census 2001)

Sex Ratio (0-4)=915 (Source: SRS-Bulletin 2009, Vol 44 No-1, published on Oct 2009)

Mean age marriage (females)=20.6

CPR 46.5

GFR 88

GMFR 121.1

GRR 1.2

Neonatal MR 35

Early NeoMR 27

PMR 35

Still BR 8

U5MR 69

Source: SRS-Bulletin 2009, Vol 44 No-1, published on Oct 2009


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1.21 billian not millian

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